No-one enjoys an IT meltdown! Loss of vital documents, privacy violations, system errors, and all while you’re trying to meet that deadline.

Our services handle these production nightmares.


End User Help Desk


You’re on a deadline and a client is getting antsy, or you’re putting the finishing touches on a sales presentation. Suddenly, a vital piece of technology goes haywire.

What do you do? Call the software maker? The hardware manufacturer? 
Do you try Google for an answer?

Assistance is just a

phone call away

Staffed by knowledgeable and well-trained IT customer-care specialists, our IT Help Desk is ready and available to quickly address your needs. Whether it’s a device, a software issue, or a problem with your network, our team will stick with you until a solution is found. From the moment your call is answered, you’ll know you’ve got the right person on the line and that you’re our top priority.

Our IT Help Desk delivers fast, courteous, expert problem resolution for end-user technical problems. When you’re running a business every minute matters. IT Help Desk enables you to minimize downtime caused by IT problems and incidents. You’ll have a single point of contact — an experienced technical specialist trained to resolve your query quickly and efficiently.

So, go ahead, put your frustrations on hold … and bring your technical problems to us!

When you call our IT Help Desk, we don’t just ask you how we can help; 
We get right down to business with: 

Desktop/Laptop Preventive Maintenance

You can reduce the problems on your desktop computers by 80% by performing Preventive Maintenance. Imagine driving your car without changing the engine oil or checking the air in the tires. Now in the car you will soon find out that something is wrong. If you still ignore the symptoms be prepared to be stuck on the side of the road at an unpredictable location and unpredictable time. With your computer it could be worse with the hidden spyware sending your confidential data to a hacker in a country where……you get the idea.

Desktop Preventive Maintenance provides all the building blocks to provide comprehensive preventive maintenance services remotely for the Small Office/Home Office. This solution is comprised of the following components – a desktop/laptop agent with all the intelligence built-in to conduct day to day preventive maintenance services, an anti-virus package bundled with our platform at no cost and support for anti-virus management for other popular anti-virus packages, an anti-spyware package bundled along with the platform, processes through the NOC to clean up temporary files and apply Critical security patches. The platform also provides for generating detailed Asset Management reports and reports related to all the preventive maintenance activities con-ducted through the NOC.

Managed Anti-Virus

Conventional antivirus protection is constantly struggling to keep up with today’s threats and attacks. Even the best traditional antivirus vendors have no practical answer to the fact that modern malware evolves and mutates too fast for their signature-based methods of detection to be effective. New variants of threats are being spawned on the Internet every minute. Even with the most aggressive assessment and update schedules, users’ systems have very little chance of being protected when a new threat arrives on their system.

Traditional approaches to scanning also slow down machines and users, are complex to configure securely and are resource-intensive.

Now, by unifying innovative file pattern and predictive behavior recognition technology with the almost limitless processing power of cloud computing, Webroot effectively stops malware and zero-day threats at the moment of infection. The unique, next-generation Webroot approach to malware prevention is more effective and accountable than any conventional antivirus. You no longer need to rely on an outmoded detection model that is easily overwhelmed by today’s malware—a model that yields unknown dwell times and results in infections only becoming visible long after the endpoint is infected.

Secure Backup

The The rise of the mobile workforce has led to less visibility into critical business data, and more potential for data loss and breach. Secure Backup puts control back in your hands with integrated tools for protecting and governing data across multiple operating systems, networks, and devices while providing a seamless end user experience.

How we can help you


Protect Against Ransonware


You can’t prevent a ransomware attack, but you can protect against it. Automated time-indexed snapshot backups of data can minimize the impact of ransomware on your business. Information can be restored back to its original state and allows an infected machine to be returned to any point in time prior to the attack – just like going back in time!


  • Automated time-indexed snapshot backups with granular backup schedules every 4 hours.
  • Complete data protection designed for all endpoints, including laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets, and cloud applications, such as Office 365, Box and Google Apps for Work.
  • Ensure successful backups and restores, even on varying network speeds, with zero impact to users.

Unreliable Connectivity?

We Have You Covered.

Designed for the mobile workforce, our Secure Backup is optimized to ensure successful backups and restores, even on varying network speeds, with zero impact to users.

  • Multi-threaded backups and restores efficiently use available bandwidth and deliver high-speed data transfers.
  • Auto-resume ensures data is transferred without starting over, eliminating frustration and keeping data protected.
  • Network settings enable IT to configure what types of networks can be utilized to provide optimal service.

Backup Across All Your Devices

Secure inSync Backup delivers a unified data governance and availability solution that ensures your critical data is protected wherever it resides.


  • Continuous backup protects data on devices.
  • Persona Backup preserves personal settings for easy managed OS migration or device re-provisioning.
  • Immediate access to data from any device minimizes downtime and maximizes user productivity.

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